About Máni Cargo Line VTC


Máni Cargo Line VTC started in April 2022.

Máni Cargo Line is a new established VTC for friends and people that wants to be a part of a community while we travel from north to south, east to west. We don’t aim to be the biggest or best VTC as for everyone this is different. Our main focus is to keep things relaxed and have some fun times on the road.

Máni Cargo Line is created by Sjovn and Purrie, and started up in April 2022.

Don’t hesitate to take contact with us if you have any questions or just want to talk 🙂

We have a low activity requirement which consist of either joining one convoy per month or log jobs with a total of at least 1000 km per month.

So if you are interested in a VTC where you can drive at events, log your jobs and be part of a friendly and relaxed atmosphere please feel welcome to join us!

Máni Cargo Line has it’s own custom Drivers Hub where you can find information about our members, events we attend, jobs logged & leaderboard.

We also have our own MCL Tracker providing you with an easy way for logging jobs, live telemetry and Discord Rich Presence.